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Marie Claire

‘Tis the season for festival makeup. BH Cosmetics has you covered with a full range of neon eyeshadow that's brighter than a pack of Crayola. 

Take Me Back To Brazil

35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette
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"I find Gemini season a time for fun. Stop caring as much about what other people think, but prioritize learning what other people care about." But just in case she hasn't convinced you this is most wonderful time of the year, there's another reason Geminis have been looking forward to their month-long moment: BH Cosmetics has launched yet another Mini Zodiac palette, this time to celebrate our ever-evolving, talkative, charmingly chaotic Gemini friends (and foes, depending on the day).


BH Cosmetics is no stranger to astrology-themed beauty. Over the last two years, the Instagram-favorite brand launched its Zodiac Palette, Zodiac Love Signs Palette, and most recently, its Mini Zodiac Palettes, and astrology lovers everywhere have gone wild over the horoscope-themed products. The latest addition to the brand's cosmic lineup is Mini Zodiac: Aries, which is part of the aforementioned collection inspired by each star sign. Oh yeah, and it might just be the best one yet.

Viva Glam Magazine

Glamour Garden Box Sets It should be no surprise how much we love makeup here at VIVA GLAM Magazine. When we look for palettes, we look for versatile colors that can give us both bright looks and also neutral daytime looks. That’s what we find when we open BH Cosmetics’ palettes. Here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, we are big fans of BH Cosmetics, as they help you be yourself!

Ultimate Matte

42 Color Shadow Palette
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Cardi B's Makeup Artist Shared All Her Flawless Cat-Eye Hacks. It's no secret that Cardi frequently relies on products from drugstore brands BH Cosmetics, Rimmel, Milani, and Neutrogena, but La' Pearl's application methods have mostly gone unknown — until now. Below, watch the makeup artist re-create Cardi's iconic 2019 Grammy Awards look step-by-step and teach you how to create a flawless beat along the way.


BH Cosmetics loves a good zodiac-themed eye shadow palette, and now the brand is really getting into it with this dedicated Capricorn mini eye shadow palette featuring nine shimmer and matte shadows in a nice array of flattering neutrals. Will there be a mini palette for every sign? We'll have to wait and find out, but so far these shades are a pretty great start.


The Best Eye Shadow Palettes of 2018, According to Allure Editors:

BH Cosmetics Gilded Glam Reflection Palette Makeup artist Allan Avendaño (whose clients include Camila Cabello, Ashley Graham, and Sabrina Carpenter), is a fan of Internet-favorite brand BH Cosmetics Gilded Glam Reflection Palette.


Beauty influencer Sylvia Gani has landed her first product collaboration: The Los Angeles-based Canadian makeup guru has created a palette with BH Cosmetics.

“I was thinking, like, if there was one palette that I had to pick for the rest of my life and I couldn’t use anything else, what shades would I need and want?” Gani said.

Hello Giggles

Cardi B announced her daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus’s arrival with an powerful and glamorous pregnancy photo on Instagram. Not only does the rapper/singer look absolutely stunning, but she’s wearing affordable makeup courtesy of BH Cosmetics. Luckily for us, her go-to makeup artist, Erika La’ Pearl, spilled all the beauty deets.


Festival season has become synonymous with killer beauty moments. Now, BH Cosmetics is making your festival beauty looks even easier to plot with an entire festival-themed makeup collection dropping in April, Bustle reported.


After piling on the drama for the holidays, now is the perfect time to take a step back and refresh your beauty look. From flushed cheeks to chartreuse eyeshadows and peach-stained lips, unleash your inner glamour-shot pastel princess with these diffused beauty looks.


Yet another unicorn-themed palette just dropped. Before you groan, hear me out on this one: The BH Cosmetics Marvycorn by Marvyn Macnificent Shadow & Highlighter Palette is one of the most low-key unicorn palettes I've ever seen. (And over the past year or so, I've seen a lot.) BH Cosmetics teamed up with German YouTube star Marvyn Macnificent on this palette, which first launched in Germany back in December 2017.


Here to ensure that the spring/summer beauty beat is so on point, BH Cosmetics' Festival Collection is launching just as the fun begins. 


BH Cosmetics Has Created the Rainbow Highlight Palette of Our Dreams

Blacklight Highlight

6 Color Palette
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With the cruelty-free movement in beauty taking over skin care and makeup, it's only natural that your beauty tools would follow suit. Here are our favorite cruelty-free makeup brushes for sweeping on smoky eyes, dabbing on concealer, sculpting your contouring, and everything in between. They're just as good as the real thing but better because no animals were harmed in the process of making them.

Brush V1

Vegan Large Powder Brush
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